Training #1:

My friend and mentor Jomar Hilario says…

You Can Learn The Most Valuable Business Skill Today

Finally you can now learn the most important skill of business, even if you don’t have a business yet!

The Secret To High Earning Businesses finally revealed

If you ask a carpenter how to become a good carpenter, he’ll say “Study Carpentry”

If you ask an architect how to become a good architect, she’ll say “Study Architecture”

If you ask a real estate seller how to become a like him, he’ll say “Study to become a licensed broker.”

But if you ask any of the above – how to increase sales— the correct answer is just one answer:

“Study Marketing”.

No, not selling, marketing.

Selling is learning how to make a single face to face sale. Marketing is the design of the brochure, the script for the sales man, the colors for the website and the words in the email letters and the free offers placed on Facebook for example.

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Training #2:

Just In Case You Want To Work From Home…

Some people just want to get out of their office.

Are you interested in working from your own home as an outsourced person with clients from abroad? Yes, just like an OFW, only that you’re at home.

Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Assistant “Work From Your Own Home” Seminar

If you wish to come home and WORK FROM YOUR OWN HOME, then you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Tell Me More About Jomar’s VA Seminar

Finally! A Virtual Assistant Seminar that an ordinary Pinoy can easily understand! Check out this seminar, I’ve been learning from Jomar Hilario (the speaker) and I can say that he has really helped me in my Internet Business.

Jomar Hilario and Mannix de Duque

“For the past months, I’ve trained different kinds of employees –and helped them land online jobs that they can work from home –part time and full time.  There’s no waiting to change your mind from employee to entrepreneur, no need to read lots of books – just this one seminar – and the serious students immediately replaced their day job with a work at home “gig”. ~ Jomar Hilario

Tell Me More About Jomar’s VA Seminar


“Hi everyone.  I recently attended a Virtual Assistant Seminar conducted by Mr. Jomar Hilario.  He’s a really good at discussing what we should be doing and how we should be dong things as a Virtual Assistant.  He also discussed the different kind of Virtual Assistants.  It’s an “everything you need to know to get started” kind of seminar.

There were a lot of attendees and all are positive thinkers.   Just what I needed to surround myself with.

Upon parting, Mr. Jomar Hilario gave us an assignment to help us get started on our pursuit of working at home.

I’ll keep you updated on the assignment as it progresses.
All in all, I learned a lot in the seminar and had fun at the same time.
I highly recommend you attend Mr. Jomar Hilario’s next Virtual Assistant seminar.”

~ Joseph Alcala

Tell Me More About Jomar’s VA Seminar


If you’re not in Manila, but wish to come home and WORK FROM YOUR OWN HOME, here’s a Downloadable Version of this Seminar at –

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